About Us

Designed for urbanites who seek out quality and new experience, Istanbul based brand offers a contemporary, easy-to-wear style heightening everyday life. The brand’s DNA consist of adventurously boyish feminine aestetic, balances ornate detailing with casualness.


Stepping into a territory that is between feminine and the masculine, the collections reveal a playful fantasy. The designer plays on combinations and mixes classic and contemporary style, sophistication and a boyish feminity, offering a bold look. Boosting quality and contemporary lines to accent any look, the designer brings a new breath to streetwear adopting the principle of affordable luxury.


Born and raised in Turkey, Nazlı Ceren Köksal, graduated from Marmara Economics in 2015. Following her graduation, she moved to Florance and trained in fashion design at Accademia Italiana. Having worked in different fields of fashion for four years, she launched her first collection in 2019. Reinventing itself each season, the brand reflects her open-mindedness and creative freedom.